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Cow Urine -- Diabetes Cure??

If you're Indian, then you'll probably agree with this post. If you're not, then you'll probably puke before you even finish reading this post. So I'll simply blurt it out-- Drinking cow's urine may cure diabetes. OK, so if you're still here I guess you want to know more. So here goes....

In a breakthrough of sorts, scientists in Bangalore, India have revealed that orally consuming cow urine can help reduce blood sugar level. The study, conducted by Professor K Jayakumar at the Government Veterinary College in Bangalore, through a project that is funded by the State Government, has shown that cow's urine has anti-diabetic properties. The results of the study has suggested that cow's urine lowers the blood glucose level by a significant amount. Professor Jayakumar has however said that his research was in the preliminary stages.
Vidhya, a Phd scholar who is also working on this project found the tests, which were conducted on scientist's best friends (not dogs, I mean rats!!) showed very encouraging results."The activity was tested in experimentally induced diabetic rats. The rats were orally given a small dose of cow's urine daily. It was noticed that rats treated with the cow's urine had much lower Blood-sugar level as compared to non -treated diabetic rats," Vidhya said."It is not yet known if cow's urine works in the same manner as regular anti-diabetic medicines or whether it works by unknown processes" she added.

The research will be completed within five years. One can only hope that these scientists succeed in finding a cure to diabetes, which is by far, one of the biggest threat modern society is plagued by.

It is to be investigated whether cow's urine stimulates beta cells, as in the case anti-diabetic agents available in the market --Professor K Jayakumar


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