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The Bucket List Again

A couple of years ago, I made a semester bucket list, which listed things I wanted to do in the six months that the semester was made up of. I managed to get through quite a few things, but probably could have done a little better. I'd all but forgotten about the post until it popped up in a random google search (oh, glory!), and I must admit, it was cool to see how the semester had gone down, so many years down the line. Since we're in the very early part of the new year, I think it's about time for a reboot of the post, almost half a decade on. The same rules as the last time*, and a similar mix of some very doable, some not so doable and some near impossible items in my list. And this time, the timeline is not a semester, but an entire year! So here goes.... my bucket list for 2016:

  1. Cxn tzvw nf nox ixzapec oztpn. Ixza zn yxzqn 20 tffwq.
  2. Kpe zn yxzqn 2 ozvwznofeq.
  3. Zvnuzyys cifw visgnfcizgos vfevxgnq
  4. Ueaxiqnzea zea prgyxrxen RY/ZEE vfevxgnq zea gyzs kpno bizrxkfiwq
  5. Yxzie z exk gifcizrrpec yzecuzcx bifr qviznvo
  6. Qnzin kfiwpec fun ztq
  7. Iue 15 Wrq kpnofun qnfggpec
  8. Kipnx zn yxzqn 15 tyfc gfqnq nopq sxzi
  9. Gixqxen zn z vfebxixevx
  10. Cf fe zn yxzqn 3 kpyaypbx nixwq
  11. Jpqpn zn yxzqn 3 bfixpce vfuenipxq
  12. Yxzie nf gyzs nox cupnzi
  13. Fgxe qfuivx zn yxzqn 2 gxiqfezy gifdxvnq.
  14. Vfeniptunx nf zn yxzqn 2 fgxe qfuivx gifdxvnq
  15. Yzuevo z gifauvn nf nox gutypv.
  16. Yxzie tzqpv vfejxiqznpfeq pe z bfixpce yzecuzcx
  17. Kmes kskea nf Zivozez kyipe Sidt
  18. Penifauvx Zivozez nf nox bzrpys
  19. Znnxea z vfqgyzs xjxen pe vfqnurx
  20. Cxn tzew tzyzevx nf 10Y
... and that's that. Wish me luck. I know I'll be needing lots of it for quite a few of these! :)

* items on the bucket list are all encrypted**. Decryption happens when the task has been completed successfully.

** encrypted with a slightly less laughable (albeit still ridiculously simple) encryption scheme than last time around! :P


Finally after all these years, here's to the beginning of what was there, what is there and hopefully what will remain!! So here are my thoughts & words -Online!!

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