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Planning My Luck!

I have a gut feeling that most gals already know this! The Commonwealth games weren't planned with as much precision as the planning us guys do to "arrange" a chance meeting with that special someone !

Teh Internetz Iz Awesome! :)

There are many reasons why I love the internet, and the following story is simply one of those reasons!

It all started out this morning when I saw the new Airtel 3G Voice Calling advertisement for the first time, and instantly fell in love with it. And being the twitter addict that I am, the first thing I did was tweet it!

Here is the advert:

Over the next 20 minutes or so, I watched the advert on loop, and besides the awesome concept and brilliant execution, what really touched me was the background music. I messaged a few symphony addicted friends of mine, asking if they recognized the music, but each person gave me the same reply- NO! A small ray of hope came from my mom who said she remembered hearing this track somewhere, but couldn't remember exactly where.

Baah! I had to find out more about this song, by hook or by crook. The first thing I did was use to brilliant service Youtube2MP3 to get the track from the advert. Next up, I googled around a little and found this post that linked to a wide range of music recognition sites. I instantly started trying them out... but alas:

A check back on twitter revealed that people were suggesting methods to find the song. The most interesting tweet was by @dpreacher (Diabolic Preacher \m/).

Now I was totally stuck, with no leads on the song at all... and desperately hoping that one of my leads (including a post at WatZatSong ) would provide a lead. About 15 minutes later, I had a new reply on twitter :

Boo Yeah! There it was.... the exact same song used in the advert. Incase you are wondering, Ludovico Einaudi is a bigshot Italian composer/pianist and I Giorni (translation: The Days) is a track from his 2001 album of the same name. From then on, all I had to do was find a download for the song and download it (I almost never buy music online... sue me!:| )

Here is the song:

A comment seen on Youtube is very apt for this song:"I'm sure this song is in god's playlist."

Thanks to the internet, a few really helpful tools, and some awesome people (ofcourse, special mention of @dpreacher), I found the brilliant song that I may never have found otherwise!

Thanks to everyone involved in the process, from friends to fellow tweeps, to the amazing guys over at Shazam, besides the other tools which (didn't work for me but) seem awesome, and ofcourse the ever so powerful Google for strengthening my faith in the Internet as a community! :)

Remember, Remember The Fifth of November!

A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy This 5th of November, let us vow to fight our oppressors, the scum who call themselves our leaders, the sewage in our system, the megalomaniacal sinners who live under the impression that they can control our minds.....

... or on the other hand, we could just watch V for Vendetta again, in all it's 1080p glory!

{Insert Fake Punch Sound Here}

If you can't guess this, you honestly don't deserve to live!Guess who A and B are! :)

Hint: A fight between A and B will be infinitely more epic than this!


Finally after all these years, here's to the beginning of what was there, what is there and hopefully what will remain!! So here are my thoughts & words -Online!!

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