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This Semester...

This semester:

I was busy.And lucky.
I floated.I sunk
I dived and I gulped.
I prayed.Perhaps more than I've ever prayed before.
I grew as an individual.
I branched out.I learnt new stuff.
I danced.I felt good in a weird unexplainable way.
I spoke to an old friend and felt full once again.
I found many new buddies.
I walked on stage.I walked in glory.
I won.More than mere competitions.
I clapped and shouted.
I jeered.I cheered.
I stood with my people through difficult times.
I sat in a field just staring at the stars.
I realised.I was proud.
I disintegrated with laughter.
I was in peace.Internally.
I was a peaceful warrior.
I made a presentation.
I worked.I impressed.
I was unsuccessful.I was happy.
I was funny.I was loved.
I was disgusted in people.I told them so.
I was secretive.I was self-absorbed.
I fed a friend with my hands.
I programmed.I coded.I debugged.
I acted.I made a movie.
I made an omlette.I threw it out.
I tried again.And unexpectedly succeeded.
I met people.I was really impressed by 2 of them.
I saw beautiful girls I don't remember faces of anymore.
And then I met .::Her::. again.
I lost in cuteness to a 2 year old. I was bewildered.
The kid lost in cuteness to .::Her::..I was NOT shocked.
I changed things.I let things be.
I slept in a room filled with music.
I had my cake and ate it too.
I stayed up all night.Eleven non-consecutive days.
I went to the beach with my grandmom.
I walked in the corridor a whole night in anxiety.
I saw someone's tears washing away a whole mountain in me.
I saw eyes glazed with admiration.With surprise.
I flirted.I cracked PJ's.I watched movies.I had fun.
I was confused about the future.
I was happy with how it looked.
I ran. I jumped in water puddles.
I was jolly.I was full.

This semester.
I was so much. I understood life. I lived life.

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LoN Is Getting A Facelift!!

I donno why, but over the last few days I've been thinking of changing the template of LoN ... And considering that I've been brushing up on my HTML/CSS skills, I think this is the right time to upgrade the template (and mod it of course!!). I've come up with the following options..... and now I need your help to decide which will be the brand new look of LoN.... So here are the options I've cut it down to:

Which One Of These Would "You" Pick For LoN??

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Obviously, these are just the default templates.... and after selecting them, I'll be modding them to the max!!

Please do vote, and help LoN with its new look!!

I Love Avial!!

If you're from South India, then you probably know what Avial is..... Its a semi-dry curry made by mixing literally every single vegetable you can lay your hands upon..... sort of a medley of a hundred different tastes. Yet by the end of it all, you end up with a curry that is so complete, so clear, and so very yummy (You can check out the recipe of a traditional avial here).

But wait a minute, why is Navin talking bout some weird sounding south Indian food?? Guess what, this post ain't about food at all..... Its about the brilliant band from down south!! Unbelievable?? Read on my friend!!

With the amount of free time I've had over the last few days (Believe me, even a jobless call centre employee wouldn't have as much free time as me!!), I've been tuned into all sorts of extra curricular stuff like music, photography, novels, films,web designing, Orkutting and the rest!!

On the musical front, I've been experimenting with various obscure bands whose whose music is offbeat to say the least. But I've been hooked on to this new genre of neo-Indian rock/metal music. You're wondering how I said Indian and metal in the same sentence?? I thought it was impossible too, until I heard this brilliant band whose name is, you guessed it right, Avial!!

Note: These guys sing in malayalam, but all I can say is music crosses all boundries. Even though I don't understand their lyrics, I really really like their music.

Avial is a five member band based in Thrissur,Kerela. The bands line up is as follows
  1. Tony John- Turntables
  2. Rex Vijayan- Guitars
  3. Anand Banjamin- Vocals
  4. Naresh Kamath - Bass
  5. Mithun Puthanveethil -Drums
These guys have sound amazing ..... and I certainly understand why they call themselves Avial: Their music is a blend of metal, classical music, rock, and flavours of many other "traditional" genres of music, just like the dish.

I've heard quite a few of their songs and all I can say is that they impress me more with every song I hear. Here are a few of their songs along with my personal ratings. Click on the songnames to download the songs.

Nada Nada (5 Stars)
Aranda (5 Stars)
Chekele (5 Stars)
Aadu Pambe (5 Stars)
Karukara (4 Stars)

They even have a Video of Nada Nada on YouTube.

For more on Avial, you can check out their official site.

You can also buy their album for the amazingly low price of Rs. 157 (Rs.180 with shipping) at MusicYogi. I've already ordered mine!! :) :)

If you like Avial, you can also check out the following bands, which are redefining the term "Indian Rock":

Indus Creed

The Circus (From Lauchpad 3 Fame)
Pin Drop Violence
Workshop (Yeah, the band from Launchpad 3 .... Amazingly funny band!! Especially like the track "Bunty Aur Mallika Sherawath")

Enjoy all this yummy yummy music!!

PS: None of the download links or the video links are hosted by this blog..... I've simply copy-pasted these links off the web.


Finally after all these years, here's to the beginning of what was there, what is there and hopefully what will remain!! So here are my thoughts & words -Online!!

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