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Sharp's Mega Environemental Plan!!

There has been great development in solar power and other alternative sources, but this one definitely, and by far, takes the cake ( and by cake, I mean a 12 tier chocolate cake with ice-cream on top!!).

Sharp Electronics, in association with the Kansai Electric Power Company, have come together with the citizens of Sakai in Japan to create the mother of all solar power installations. The mega project, which has pretty unimaginatively been named the Sakai City Waterfront Mega Solar Power Generation Plan consists of two amazingly large solar power generation plants.

The combined output of the plants, estimated to be a whopping 38,000 kW!!

The energy generated at the plant will power the Sharp factory and other companies in Sakai.

This project will go a long way in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions, which are approximately 10,000 tonnes......... annually.

Wow!! The Japanese, who've been famed for making things tiny, have made a major statement!! Lets pray that the Sakai project actually gets operationalised in the near future....before its too late!!

Way to go (Japanese) guys!!


Anonymous said...

Arey Navin
All this just puts things into perspective....India struggles to supply electricity for 20 hours everyday while Japan sets up self-sufficient industries!

Wah wah

I don't know if you read this but in AP, the government has issued a statewide notice asking people not to use AC's and lights but instead depend on natural sunlight and air....bachao!


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