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Desi Laptop For Rs.15000 Only!!

Some great news for India's on-the-move populace. Now you can carry your data around with you for the amazingly low price of Rs. 15000!!

If its unbelievably cheap, its gotta be Zenith Computers, one of the largest manufacturers of personal computers in India, and sticking to their philosophy of price is not quality, the company has launched the nation's lowest-priced laptop, at an amazing price tag of Rs 14,999!! Whats more, the PC comes preloaded with Microsoft OS!!

The announcement, made by Raj Saraf, chairman and MD of Zenith Computers; and Ravi Venkatesan, chairman, Microsoft India, is an effort by the companies to further their initiatives in the affordable computing space.

The new laptop, which was launched under the EcoStyle brand name, will be available across India in time for the festive season. The EcoStyle laptop series is ideal for youth as it is quite trendy. The laptop is Net-enabled and comes preloaded with the Microsoft productivity suite. The customer has an option of choosing Windows Vista Starter or Microsoft Windows XP Home. This makes it great for SOHOs and students.

The laptop weighs 2.2 kg and has dimensions of 185mm x 250 mm x 70 mm. The Eco part of the Ecostyle brand comes from the fact that these laptops consume far less power than other laptops. One an average, the EcoStyle laptops claim to consume 30% less power!! Or so Zenith claims.

Lets just hope that the EcoStyle brand of laptops get accepted and do not end up like so many other ambitious schemes launched by Indian companies in the past.....but overall its great to see that Indian companies too are going the "eco-friendly" way.

This initiative is a part of our continuous effort to foster advanced and hassle free computing experience. The initial Rs 10,000 PC was launched with much fanfare, however it failed to perform. With the EcoStyle PC, Zenith is bringing a true low-cost PC which underlines performance and affordability for the consumers. -Raj Saraf


Anonymous said...

wht abt the build quality tht zenith so famously * at?

maintenance costfor zenith PC's make thm costlier thn most other PC's

trendy? Have U seen them? they look gross :x


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