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The 'Google Phone' Is Captured....On Camera Atleast!!

A Google search for the term 'Android' reveals the amount of hype that Google's foray into the mobile segment has created. Other than a single Wikipedia article dealing with 'a robot designed to resemble a human, usually both in appearance and behavior' every other result on page one is about the software platform and operating system for mobile devices based on Linux that Google has co-developed...... and unlike the Google minus Google post, in this matter I'll totally support the search results thrown up by the big G. After all, the Android project takes mobile OSes to a whole new level by making software development hassle-free -A revolution of sorts for the mobile developer community!!

And now, finally after a looooooooong wait, the first pictures of the first commercial android OS based cellphone have emerged!! Presenting (drumroll please) the HTC Dream G1....

The exact specifics have been kept under covers, but industry rumours have come up with the following list
  • Large touchscreen with haptic feedback
  • Full QWERTY keypad
  • 5 inches long and 3 inches wide
  • Keypad that either slides or swivels for easy typing/texting
  • Internet navigation controls below the touchscreen display
Here are the pics of the HTC Dream/Google phone

Us Indians though might have to wait for a much longer time before we get our hands on the Dream....but with HTC digging its feet into the Desi-mobile markets and with brilliant launches like the Touch Diamond having been well received by Indian users, you can never really say!! Lets all just pray for the Indian launch of the G1 at the earliest!! :)


Anonymous said...

Nice,can't wait for its launch

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Unknown said...

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