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11 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Read My Blog!!

Well, since there isn't much happening in the areas of technology, space,movies etc etc etc........(atleast not much that interests me!!), I'm left with only one kind of post which I can resort to to unleash my creative/moronic/perverted imagination: PERSONAL POSTS!!

Hmm.... So what do I write about?? Loads of people actually read this stuff, right from friends and family to online colleagues and perhaps even *her*!! The number of compliments/brickbats I've received for this blog are proof of that!!

Now how on earth did all this happen?? I mean, how on earth could this blog of a 17 year old weirdo manage to get so popular?? (It got a page rank of 1 in less than 5 months of its inception!!)

Whats so great about this blog??

My Answer: NOTHING (English), KUCH BHI NAHI (Hindi), НIчOгO (Ukrainian), NADA (Portuguese), INGENTING (Swedish), KITEY NAA (Konkani), NON-EXISTANTE (Latin??)

You don't believe me huh?? Well, perhaps this post will convince you why "not" to visit my blog

So here we go:

1) Firstly, there are millions, if not billions, of other blogs out there. Many of them are written by famous people. I'm not one of them!! I'm just that random guy you saw yesterday on the street next to yours. My only claim to "fame" is that I'm involved in a few network security related projects (Make that "was involved", as most of which are currently lacking funding and are on the way down the drain). My name is not Amitabh, or Aamir, or Salman.... its Navin!! Now how many famous Navins do you know?? Yeah I Know............ Null set!!

2) This blog has no personality, Its not even got a cool swanky name. Its "lifeofnavin-mere dil ki baat..." for heavens sake!! C'mon how unimaginative is that?? My friends have blogs with names like, and morphianrealm while I have lifeofnavin. Yech!!

3) Usually there's a theme to blogs, but mine comes across as the rantings of some technologically obsessed space freak who enjoys the occasional movie or two. I accept that the above description is eerily true, but c'mon, that's not gonna get anyone to visit this blog regularly.

4) Unless you know me personally, you have no reason to read this blog, and even if you do, why would you bother?? I wouldn't bother either!!

5) I don't update this blog very often (Believe me, I try to maintain a one-post-a-week blog but it rarely works!!), and even when I do it's sometimes bull$hit on topics which have very few takers, if any. For eg. this, this, this, this and this!! My reasons are simple......

6) I don't write on topics that most the "dudes" from college like to read about (read Girls) for reasons which are pretty much obvious. I write equally from my brain and heart, generally devoid of any adulteration.

7) Once you finish reading my posts, you don't really feel like you've learnt anything....... infact some of my posts involve concepts so complex that by the end you are feeling much more inferior than you ever felt before, while others simply make you want to bang your head against the screen and scream out my name followed by a slew of words which we all called "Bad words" till we were in the 8th.

8) My writings seem amazingly well written (in case of personal post like this one) or well researched (in case of technical posts), but the fact of the matter is that they aren't!! My posts are all of the read once and dispose type. For me, this blog is simply an opportunity to waste your time, so that you study less, bring down the class average and make my grades look better at the end of the semester.

9) You don't like my face and that's why you don't like my blog. (*peep* you!! You can ask guys who know me...... I don't give a *peep* about physical appearances anyways!!)

10) If you visit my blog on a daily basis, you will force me to waste my *precious* time updating the blog and forget my priorities. Because it is 2:30 AM ( yeah, in the night dufus!!) and I have other much more important stuff to do....... seriously stop laughing!!

11) There is barely any original content on this blog!! Even this post, which is specifically telling you to never visit this blog again because of its boring content, has probably already been done by someone else, and perhaps a lot better, complete with a video documentary on why the blog stinks with a voiceover by Morgan Freeman (and a Bhojpuri version voiced by Ravi Kissen).

So that was it.....

I bet you're gonna laugh your head off after reading this and congratulate me the next time you meet me for my writing *skills* and then forget about this post, and (over the course of time) this blog too.

I gotta go now...... Hopefully, we'll meet again next week!! (Read Point No. 5 Again!!)

P.S. I'm planning to do a post or two on my first BBA Project (note tht I'm an engineering student), and yes, Shohaib AKA S^2 AKA The "Inno-WEIGHT" man, teri toh phatne waali hai!! To know more about S^2, I guess you'll just have to wait for the next post.



Anonymous said...

nice post

I'll make sure tht I never visit this blog again ;)

Anonymous said...

i agree with sandra

I'll .::NEVER::. visit this blog again

Thanks for the laugh as usual Navin

Anonymous said...

brilliantly done dude!!!!!!!

Shohaib is tht guy U'd told me about yesterday right? Sonali or sum1's creative head or sumthin?

Can't wait to read that post!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

U've outdone Urself again navin


Anonymous said...

Why suddenly so much self-bashing re?

Till a few days back, U were the one who'd be bashing every1 else around!

sheesh...which direction did the sun rise in today? the west?

Anonymous said...


So funny dude!


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