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'Gulaal' Trailer -- It Can't Get Any Better Than This!!

I'd gone to the local multiplex to watch Dev D with a bunch of friends today. (I'd have named them all but they're all guys so I don't really think you're interested in knowing them :) )

The movie was pretty good (Though NOT deserving the rave reviews its gotten!! Except for the cinematography ..... It gets a 6/5 in that sector!!). I'll review it if I get the tid (That's time in Norwegian).

But what really struck me was the trailer of Anurag Kashyap's next venture.......... Gulaal, which was shown before Dev D began. Note that Dev D too is directed by Mr. Kashyap.

When the trailer started I thought it was the trailer of some cheap C grade movie (hehehe, incase you clicked on the link), but by the end of its 2 and a half minutes runtime, I was left completely speechless!!

Hard hitting dialogues (including a new twist on the "Mere Paas Ma Hain" cliche), eerie scenes, A brilliant tag line (Love.... Power..... Revolution.), and a well executed background score in the trailer make this movie seem like a mindbogglingly brilliant, politically supercharged, youth awakening movie (Comparable to the likes of Sarkar (desi) or V For Vendetta (V-desi)). Even the movie poster (shown at the start of this post), seems to point at a movie which is unlike any one seen in recent times.

Check Out The Trailer Of Gulaal Below

This movie is one that I'm waiting for with great expectations..... Hope it doesn't turn out to be a dud!! Did someone just say "NO SMOKING"??

EDIT: Watched the movie on March 19th ...... My Worst nightmare came true......It sucks royally!!!! I'd just give it 2 stars out of 5 !!

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Anonymous said...

Nice,irs about time tht Indains made a Godfather style dark movie

Love The trailer

Anonymous said...

whoops, dunno how I did tht

I'm a deshdrohi :( :(

Repeat Comment:
Nice,its about time tht Indians made a Godfather style dark movie

Love The trailer though!

Phew, no spelling mistake this time

navinpai said...

hehe.... Brian = Deshdrohi

"Indains"?? And "irs"?? How lame can U be??


Anonymous said...

Its really a brilliant trailer! I will definitely watch it when it releases!

Anonymous said...


i've seen much better trailers

this movie will bomb majorly...take my words for it

Katarzyna said...

I liked Gulaal, twas a nice political tale


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