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LoN Is Getting A Facelift!!

I donno why, but over the last few days I've been thinking of changing the template of LoN ... And considering that I've been brushing up on my HTML/CSS skills, I think this is the right time to upgrade the template (and mod it of course!!). I've come up with the following options..... and now I need your help to decide which will be the brand new look of LoN.... So here are the options I've cut it down to:

Which One Of These Would "You" Pick For LoN??

Click On The Images To See Them Full Size

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Obviously, these are just the default templates.... and after selecting them, I'll be modding them to the max!!

Please do vote, and help LoN with its new look!!


navinpai said...

Comments Disabled Here:
You Can Vote And The Results Page Has A Comments Section


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