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Simple Problems, Exhorbitant Solutions!!

Note: If you have a sibling then you'll understand exactly what this post is about. If you're amongst the unfortunate few whose parents decided that one brat running around the house was more than enough, then I'm sorry to say but you'll probably miss out the point of this post!!But read on anyway...

Rule No 1 Of Siblingry: Arguments are part and parcel of a siblings life. And logic has absolutely no place in these arguments!!

Now believe me when I say that me and my kid sister respect this rule like its the 10th commandment!! Infact I'd rephrase the rule to read something like "Thou Shalt Argue Illogically With Thy Sibling Atleast Once Everyday" for more of a dramatic effect!! Infact I think this rule is more universal than any of the other 9 commandments!! Don't believe me?? Read on my friend, and be dazzled by the idiocy portyared by yours truly!!

This is NOT fiction. This conversation actually occured on today evening.

Me and my sister* were having a huge argument over how I'd murder someone and not get caught. (This may sound a very gloomy topic to be discussing but it was very relevent at that time because we'd just finished watching the movie Zodiac which is based on a true story of a serial killer). I kept coming up with many many ideas and she contradicted me everytime.

Most of my plans included my hands leaving fingerprints all over the victim or the surroundings and my sister kept pointing it out that a single finger print would be enough to screw my case!! So I thought for a while, and then came up with "The Ultimate Plan" [insert cool techno music here] :

"I'll kick him off a cliff" I said, but then she argued that even toe prints are distinctive like finger prints (She's right apparently). So I thought for a while and then came up with my solution..... "I'll kick him off a cliff and then...... I'll chop off my legs, and use a pair of prosthetic limbs instead for the rest of my life". I then looked at her waiting for her to say something stupid to contradict my "Plan par excellence". She thought for barely 5 seconds, smiled, and then said "Why don't you just wear a pair of socks when you're kicking him off?"

D'oh.... So simple!! Why didn't I think of that?? My plan had a monetary cost of a few lakh rupees, and me losing my legs forever, while her idea cost me barely Rs.50-100 (plus I maintain all my limbs intact!!). You have no idea how moronic I felt when I realized the simplicity that this 12 year old had used to solve a problem that my "to-be-engineer" brains couldn't figure out!!

I seriously need to get back to my basics!! Grrr...

*This is a pic I took just now of the two of us!!


Vinay Raikar said...

These arguments look so silly but these moments are so much fun... :D

Skinny.Melon.Biris said...

I've been corrected by my younger siblings (12 and 10) on SO many occasions. I completely relate. Great post

Deepika said...

Lovely post

You have no idea how much I agree with you. But I see it from a different perspective, coz I'm the younger one (I have an elder bro).

And I have an absolute blast during these endless arguements that we have! (and I know he does too!)

Thanks for this post which I hope my parents will read to understand this relation that has so rightly been named: Siblingry

Farhad said...

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. ~Marc Brown

And I simply know you're among the best superheroes out there!

Keep it up!

P.S. Very cute pic of you and your sister

Sasha said...

I'm the middle child of three kids, and as such I've truly seen both sides of the story. And I'm also mum of two kids so I get to see these arguments every single day! :-)

And I must say that you're post truly covers the true essence of the senseless arguments that siblings have!

Deepti Verlekar said...

Hehe, its not everyday that you get to hear of Navin doing something as stupid as this!

Nice post!


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