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10 movies I simply MUST watch after the sems!!

It's that time of the year again!! After 4 odd months of attending bunking classes in college, the semester exams appear out of the blue and every student runs helter skelter trying to get his hands on as many notes as he can!! (even though in 90% of cases, he doesn't read even 50% of the collected notes!)

For me however, exams always mark a time of acute lack of concentration, and it seems as if every small thing distracts me (see this). Being the movie fanatic that I am, the last week or so has been like hell for me, since loads of people have been recommending awesome movies to me, and I've been restraining myself from watching (or torrenting) any of them!!

So here is a list of 10 movies (actually a few more!!) I'm dying to watch once the sems are done:

10) The Punisher and Punisher:War Zone
The movie The Punisher and its sequel, are said to be the best in the leave-your-brains-at-home whacked out action Boys only testosterone-overdosed movie genre!! Enuf said!!Definitely on my list!!

9) The Maiden Heist
I'm a huge fan of Morgan Freeman's acting, be it in comedy or serious roles (kinda like the Amitabh Bachchan of Hollywood), and this movie is on my list simply because of his presence in it!!

8) Goodbye Bafana
The true story of how Nelson Mandela, a man I regard as one of the greatest icons of all time, changed the life of his prison guard!!

7) Absurdistan
One of the few comedy movies on my list, Absurdistan is a story about women in a village who go on a strike of the worst possible kind- A Sex Strike, to ensure their demands are met.

6) Looking for Eric and The Football Factory
Two movies based in soccer, though in a thoda sa hatke manner. the first movie deals with Eric Cantona (aka God!!) giving a fan some life coaching while the second deals with Soccer
Hooliganism..... What more can I ask for?

5) Schindler's List, Munich and Saving Private Ryan
Three movies by Steven Speilberg, two of which I've watched when I was much younger (when they didn't make much sense to me back then), rated very highly by friends and critics alike.

4) The Flying Scotsman
This one was recommended to me by one of my bestest-est friends Avantika. The movie showcases the true story of Graeme Obree, the Champion cyclist who built his bicycle from old bits of washing machines who won his championship only to have his title stripped from him and his mental health problems which he has suffered since.[sorry about the IMDB synopsis]

3) Catch Me If You Can
I remember watching part of this movie, which is based on the true story of Frank Abagnale Jr., the most famous conman in the world, but I want to watch the whole movie now!!

2) Enemy at the Gates and The Mongol
Both these movies, which are fictional, but based on true stories, one on the extreme sniper Vassili Zaitsev and the other on another great leader, Genghis Khan!!

1) The True Story of Che Guevara, Che (Part one and Part two),Motorcycle Diaries
Three movies on the life of the man, the leader, the revolutionary, Ernesto Che Guevara, who, despite what anyone may say, is, in my humble opinion, the greatest leader who ever lived!!I really want to know more about the man who single handedly brought down governments!!

I don't care if I fall as long as someone else picks up my gun and keeps on shooting. - Che Guevara
0) Harishchandrachi Factory
Yeah, I know this is number 11, but what can I say.... I'm a movie fanatic!! This movie, India's official nomination to the Oscars this year, is about the the efforts that Dadasaheb Phalke had to take during the making of India's first feature length film Raja Harishchandra, and has been recommended to me by loads of my marathi speaking friends, and I simply can't wait to watch this movie (with subtitles of course, since "mala marathi maaet naai").

Ok..... that's all. In all, I've named 19 films in my 10 films list!! :) :)

And I'm sure there will be many ore that'll get added to the list by the time the sem exams are done!!

Think you know a movie I may like? Recommend it to me in the comments!! cheers!!


Gauresh Pednekar said...

Whoa! With so many movies you can actually stage your own little IFFI! :P :P

Adi said...

You can add Green street hooligans in the footballing list as well. Are you a football fan? Which club?

Avantika said...

Wow! One day before your sem exam and you're here updating you're blog (and flattering me!).

I knew you were crazy, but this is taking it to a new level!

Raghav Srinivasan said...

How about AI by Steven Speilberg?

One of his finest movies imho

And you can also add No Man's Land (Nikja zemlja), an awesome war movie! It beat Lagaan to win best foreign movie at the oscars some years ago.

Another one you may like is The Butterfly Effect

Think about these three movies!

PS check out my website! :P

Divya V. said...

hehe,nice comment Gauresh

navinpai said...

@Gauresh @Divya Hmm....*lightbulb moment

@Adi Thanks ....will watch the movie if I can!! M a huge fan of Man Utd (Tht's why watching Looking for Eric)!!

@Avantika Exam toh aate rahenge na?? :P :P

@Raghav Thanks for so many suggestions..... I've watched AI....and loved it...I agree that it's Speilberg's best!! Will watch the other 2 movies if possible

My list of movies is just about to get very very large!!

Anonymous said...

Such a big list? And most of these seem interesting! M definitely downloading quite a few of these! Thanks for the list!

Tanisha Reddy said...

I'm amazed at how few Indian movies you have in the list!

I really feel Bollywood has produced quite a few masterpieces over the years, and yo should check them out!

GhostSpin said...

I agree with tanisha !! its time to promote BOLLYWOOD !!
cmon navin enuff of de whites man !!
lets make some " BROWNIES " lawwl !!

navinpai said...

@Anonymous Enjoy!! :) :)

@Tanisha Kindly recommend a few of these masterpieces to me, and I'll definitely add them to my list (if I haven't already watched them of course)!!

@GhostSpin LOL!! Brownies?? Mmmm... :P :P


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