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Feb 2010- The Best Month Of My Life!! [Part Deux]

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Over the last few months, I've been steadily migrating from the participation side of events towards the organisational aspects. I've been fascinated by how, in event planning and execution, small things can make huge differences (did someone say Butterfly Effect?), and how, as organisers, you get to meet tonnes of awesome people. What you see as the event, involves tonnes of behind the scenes negotiations, compromises, favours, a small amount of infighting, and a gazillion tonnes of pure awesomeness.

Nobody works slower 3 weeks before an event than India and nobody works faster once the 3 week mark is crossed. -Famous Quote by (insert name here)

And February 2010 marked the start of full fledged preparations of two events that I'm partly organising: Twestival Goa and Photoflare.

: Our college has a kickass photography club led by a bunch of really awesome people. And there are loads of ideas that keep flowing around. The idea for a photography festival started off as a spark, and soon transformed into a wildfire with many people from and outside the club showing interest in the idea. And a short time later PhotoFlare was born. Now, PhotoFlare is an international photography festival that will be wholly organised by our club, and will consist of a competition, workshops and lecture sessions. The photography competition is already picking up pace with photographers from all over submitting their entries. PhotoFlare is close to my heart for another reason.... the website. Why? Go through the source code of the site and see if you can figure it out!! :)

Twestival Goa: So I guess everyone knows that I'm a twiddict. So much so, that people actually check my Twitter profile to see if I'm home or not (since I generally only tweet through my PCs). Anyway, a Twestival is an event that's organised completely by volunteers on Twitter. For more on the event, I'd suggest you watch this video. Goa, along with cities across the globe, will witness it's first Twestival on the 25th of March. By "we" I mean me, @varsha181, @neha1989, @naikaustubh and @dpreacher who form the core-ish team of Twestival Goa. All proceeds from the event go to Concern Worldwide, a global humanitarian organisation. We've already had DJ's Ryan and Joel and the awesome retro band Bac2Basix as confirmed acts for the event, and we're hoping to get some more. Incase, you're in Goa on the day, do try to make it. Here's more details.

Yup, so that was February for me.... so you're already nodding your head in agreement that Feb was the best month of my life eh? Well, believe it or not, this is still not the end! Part 3 of the post coming up soon!


Varun Fatarpekar said...

Hey how was Twestival Goa? Wanted to be there, but was out of town.

Hope you raised a lot of money :-)

Priyanka Sinha said...

Hey buddy

Remember me? We'd met today at Sunaparant

I'd been holding back my comment till I'd actually seen what you guys were upto. And I mus admit, it was really great to see the initiavtives that you're joining!

Photoflare was great, and I'm sure Twestival was too

keep up the good work


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