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Stuff I Did This Semester - The Bucket List

I watched this movie a few months ago called The Bucket List, starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson which showed two terminally ill guys going on a wild ride, trying to complete a wishlist of to-do's, before they die. The movie was brilliant, to say the least, and I really connected to it at an emotional level.

The current stage I'm going through in life, there seem to be infinite things to do, and just a little over 2 years (in my case) to do them all! And so, I present the 4th part of my "Stuff I Did This Semester" posts, this time as a bucket list! This is stuff I want to do over the next semester i.e my fifth semester.

Some of this stuff is crazy, some of it is impossible, but most definitely, all of it is awesome!! And I don't really want to have a regular bucket list, so here's how I do it:

I have my Sem 5 bucket list down here, though in an encrypted form (yeah, encryption is indeed one of my fields of interest), and as I complete each task, I'll decrypt that line. Silly, I know, but it's my blog so what I say goes! :P

So here it is:
  1. Get Into Hostel...... Finally (Yeah! :) )
  2. Kcr sn y pybgm qwqrck rm qrpcyk ksqga 24v6 (kw amkn lccbq qmkc pcqr) gl fmqrcj
  3. Start actually drawing the comics that I keep thinking of in my head! (The first)
  4. Ycr Krpygefr Xpmk Lfc Empml (KXLE) zyai ml rpyai!
  5. Become GS of the Computer Sciences Student Body, CURSOR (Won Unopposed!)
  6. Setup a site for CURSOR (Site ready, but will go live next sem)
  7. Organise atleast 1 workshop for the students of CURSOR (1: HTML/CSS Web Dev 2: Intro to RoR)
  8. Go on atleast 2 wildlife treks. (1: To Tambdi Surla Waterfalls 2: Mollem to Collem)
  9. Post atleast 1 post on LoN every month (Done with ease! :) )
  10. Read atleast one complete technical book and two complete non-technical ones (Check Readernaut)
  11. Tsgjb yrjcyqr mlc pmzmr.. qmkcrfgle A'tc zccl nsrrgle yqgbc dmp dyp rmm jmle
  12. Deliver a legen...wait for it...dary speech (A motivational speech delivered to juniors, which apparently got them high on adrenaline! :))
  13. Opgrc y SA zyqcb afcqq npmepyk
  14. Convince atleast 5 Windows people to try a Linux distro (On last count: 9)
  15. Argue with a teacher... and get him/her to admit he/she is wrong (An argument with my DBMS teacher on 27/08/2010 regarding my project,at the end of which she finally let me have it my way! :))
  16. Get a girl...or atleast ask one out! :) (Really awesome story... wait for the blogpost! )
  17. Dcypl yrjcyqr rfc zyqgaq md mlc glqrpskclr (Lfgq gq ufcpc A pcyjjw lccb fcjn)
  18. Go without bathing for 3 consecutive days(Won't say when, but yeah, it happened!)
  19. Watch atleast one complete TV series (Took the easy way out: Watched all 3 Seasons of The IT Crowd ...can't wait for Season 4 to start airing!)
  20. Umknjcrc yjj rfc yzmtc ryqiq zw rfc clb md rfc qckcqrcp!!

Phew! That's quite a long bucket list, and covers diverse fields of interest. But as Chef from South Park rightly put it: There's a time and place for everything. It's called College!

I'm hoping that I'll be able to complete most, if not all the tasks on this bucket list by November 2010!

Wish me luck, and keep checking back for the tasks I've completed!

P.S. Incase you're wondering about the encryption, it's a pretty simple piece of code that I've myself written (in C++) out of boredom... here's a screenshot of the program at work on the blogpost!

You can try decrypting the text yourself if you like, it's not really all that difficult! :)

Oh yeah, and the "Stuff I Did This Semester" post for this semester (4th) will be out soon!

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Keefe said...

Xfd fllkh pyuoit fredsy, ndes axzwe pivty lefrtfds. decwqtu juedsl lkevgdamoftyn!!!! ghtdfs ifnrets kkidkfk kkk lfghty lol!!!!!!!!

For those of u who cant decrypt d above comment it means::
"Navin u pissed me u expect ppl frm branches other than those related to CS to really understand ur encryted blog post!!!! So here's an encryted comment lol!!!!!!"

navinpai said...

Dude, you actually think people from CS will be able to decode the message? It's exam time...they're all busy mugging up! :P

Anyway, like I mentioned, it's just a way for me to keep track of the stuff!

I'll be updating the list as I complete the tasks, so hopefully the list won't remain encrypted for long! :)

Pranav Pai Vernekar said...

Loved the post. But loved the comment even more. :-)

Anonymous said...

major lulz @keefe

Suhanna said...


Waiting to see it encrypted soon! :-)

Akshay said...

nice blog...
saw the things u did in the previous semesters... wish everyones life was as awesome as yours...


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