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The B'day Pessimist!!

This may or may not be based on a true story! :)61 SMSes, 45 Emails (12 of them Auto-generated!), 7 E-cards, 4 non-E-cards, 24 calls (including 2 very special ones!), Tonnes of scraps, tweets and gifts are testament to the fact that I'm now 19!

Thanks for all the love! :)


Kadambari said...

And here goes the first comment wishing you a very Happy Birthday. :)

Leena Kamat said...

Wow, I'm rilli beginning to enjoy these comics!! Keep it up!

And happy B'day to you

Anonymous said...

haha... Funny!

Skinny.Melon.Biris said...

Happy birthday, enjoy it!

navinpai said...

Thanks guys! :)

N0m4D said...

you know what??.. judgin by th hairstyle of da guy standin right nxt 2 da stripper.... i thnk i know who dat is... :D


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