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God(dess) Mode!

When the goddess is angry, the mortals shall face her wrath!
When the goddess is sad, the world drowns in despair!
When the goddess is happy, flowers bloom, birds chirp, and the whole world smiles with her!
When the goddess is confused, kids start crying, fish start flying, and craziness rules the day!
When the goddess cries, the rivers rise, the desert undries, and the mortals feel the pain!
When the goddess loves, the problems all end, and those who were enemies, so quick, become friends!
When the goddess is busy,the chai grows cold, the calls on hold, and time goes out for a stroll!
When the goddess is sleepy, her eyelids start drooping, her body starts stooping, and the world doesn't matter any more!
The moods of the goddess are so many, but us un-godly understand but a few,
and the world keeps turning, churning every moment,
hoping for the goddess to be reborn, fresh, anew!

Poem Backstory:
There's this friend of mine, and one of the many nicknames I have for her is 'Goddess'. On a rainy morning a few days ago, she messaged me saying she was feeling angry at something... and I replied back 'When the goddess is angry, the mortals shall face her wrath!'. Somehow, starting with that message, a funny to and fro of SMSes started, rhymes started emerging, and line after line of the poem you just read was born!

Yeah, I know it's pretty much rubbish, but then I personally think it's really sweet, and it's one of the few times I've actually penned a poem for someone so it's all the more special for me! The girl too has repeatedly maintained that she loves the poem, and is honoured that I actually wrote a poem for her! :D

Random Note: I've been in a weird poetic mood over the last week or two! :)


Avantika said...

ahem ahem! :-P

Kris Sehgal said...

I second that 'ahem ahem'.

navinpai said...

Really guys? ahem ahem's? :P

Avantika said...

ha ha! Why not my dear Romeo?


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