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The Rubik's Cube Strikes Back!!

So you've finally figured out how to solve the Rubik's cube huh?? And now you're the star of every party, showing-off by solving a Rubik’s Cube in under two minutes, eh?? Well, I hope someone throws the Rubik’s Mirror Blocks Puzzle at you!!

As a Rubik's cube enthusiast (I've actually solved it once....the crowning moment of my life!!), I seriously understand how hard it is to get the frikkin' colour combination right!! And this piece of gaming wonder surely makes the Rubik's cube look like a kid's toy. Also known as Hidetoshi Takeji's Bump Cube, the puzzle challenges its user based on geometry rather than by matching color sequences.

To solve the Bump Cube, you must set 27 blocks of nine different sizes into a neat and tidy cube. Unlike the original Rubik’s Cube, you can’t just pull the stickers off this one and pretend you’re a genius (or pull the entire thing apart as some frustrated Rubik's tragics have been known to do [I tried this once]) as all the blocks have the same colour.

Available in Japan, Hidetoshi Takeji's Bump Cube costs around USD$20.

The YouTube clip below shows how its done - in 55.47seconds!! .

A Review of the Bump cube

So get Bumping!!


Anonymous said...

Arey Navin, challenge Urself na

Try solving it

This'll be a B'day present frm me to you he he :-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

will give it a try soon

Anonymous said...

interesting toy

to bad you can't buy it in India itself!

Anonymous said...


to think i found the rubik's cube impossible to solve


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