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Google Gets Into The Halloween Mood!!

We all know that Google constantly crawls the Web with help from spiders... but I guess zombies seriously scare the $hit out of the tech giant!!

Showing some timely techie humor, the search giant has updated its robots.txt file for Halloween. For the technologically uninitiated, search engines trying to index Web sites look for robots.txt files for instructions about whether they're permitted access to particular pages.

The Google robots.txt file on Friday begins with the following term:

User-agent: zombies
Disallow: /brains

Generally this sort of thing it's called an Easter egg. But I guess in this case it's a Halloween egg!!

For more funny easter eggs, head over to

Happy Halloween!!


Anonymous said...

very funny

I somehow expected Google to come up with something like this!

rocky said...

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AndysHVC said...

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