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Chandrayaan 2 Design Finalised!! Woot Woot!!

So I guess everyone knows by now that I'm a complete space freak!! I've signed up for literally every newsletter on earth that promises to keep one updated with the latest happenings in the world of space technology....... And today morning I received an email that completely blew me off!! Read it for yourself.... (click on the image to see it full sized)

Woohoo!! Chandrayaan II designs have been finalised!! The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), which has just made a profit of $ 40 Million by launching the W2M satellite, has gone into top gear on India's own Lunar Expedition.

What makes Chandrayaan II different from Chandrayaan I is the fact that the second expedition includes plans to land a rover on the lunar surface and collect samples of lunar soil, as well as analyze these samples (Chandrayaan I focuses more on the terrain mapping of the moon). Russia's Federal Space Agency Roskosmos is joining hands with ISRO for development of Chandrayaan II Rover. The rover will weigh between 30 and 100 kg, depending on whether it is to do a semi-hard landing or soft landing. The rover will have an operating life-span of a month and will operate predominantly on solar power.

The launch of the sequel to Chandrayaan is slated for launch in 2012. I simply can't wait!!

The designs for Chandrayaan II have been completed and we hope to launch it by 2012 --G Madhavan Nair, ISRO chairperson

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Anonymous said...

Leave it to Navin to get excited over a mission slated for 3 years from now!

Navin, hope you remember that by then you'll probably have finished college! (I really don't think the launch will take place before 2013)

but you say it..... woot woot!

navinpai said...

Whoa Avantika, commenting at 3:49 AM!!

You seriously put my late night net sessions to shame!!

anyway, I'd mentioned it right at the start tht I'm crazy bout space exploration, so such posts are bound to come up on the blog

thanks for commenting!!


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