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The T-Shirt That Sings!!

Ever wish your life had a soundtrack with sound effects? Now you can! Play our 20 built-in sounds, or upload your own customized sounds and punctuate your life with awesome! For reals!

Check out the awesome video below!!

Cool Huh??

BTW: Got My Semester Exams going on right now, so I probably won't be able to post actively for the next few weeks (Till the 15th Of December). But you can read the older posts on the blog. You could also search through the blog for topics that suit your taste.

Also, I'd take this opportunity to express my deepest sympathies for the guys and gals in Mumbai..... U guys ain't alone, its not just about Mumbai or Maharashtra but about India as a whole. Lets show those uncivilized terrorists that we won't be broken by their despicable acts.

Rock On


Anonymous said...


I'm getting myself one of those for christmas!

Anonymous said...

hey man
best of luck for your exams

navinpai said...

hey thanks catherine

it feels nice to know that I have regular readers

Keep visiting....I promise I'll maintain the blog to the best of my abilities!!


Anonymous said...

This is one funny post!


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