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I'm Finally On Flickr!!

I'm Finally On Flickr!!!! Internal Tests going on in College (The Dreaded ITs....... some call them Inhuman Torture Sessions!! ITS.... Get it??), and as always, its these tension-filled days when I feel like doing *STUFF* the most........ Today Flickr called out to me, and how could I say no?? So in true Pink Floyd ishtyle, I was up online uploading my fave pics for the world to see!! So presenting (drumroll please) my first set of pics...... Most of them are by me or my dad, but surprises do lurk in the photostream........ Hope U like it!!

These Are Just 3 random pics generated by Flickr from around 40 50 64 that I've uploaded (As of March 8th). To see the remaining pics, visit my Flickr page (I really like changing font colours!! :) :) ) at

Hope To See U There!!


Anonymous said...

Nice set of pics..... Do upload all Ur photoshopped pics also

The Azkaban one, the one with Heidi Klum, the one with 6 Navin's in the frame! I absolutely love them!

Aur jagah bache (i know flickr's 100 mb limit) toh hamare bhi fotoshoto upload karo!

Chalo yaar phir milenge

Anonymous said...

congo bro

I'll also prolly join by the end of the month

cya den

Anonymous said...


nice set man!

Anonymous said...

Hey Navin

Avantika had told me tht UR a gr8 photographer, but I laughed wen she said it!!!!!!!!

I tk bk my words now. U ROCK DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lv The Camera-baazi!!!!!!!!!! Waiting fr more uploads

BTW First tm on UR blog. Fell in luv wd it. Definitely a rgular visitr frm now on!!!!!!!! :) :) :)



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