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This Semester...

This semester:

I was busy.And lucky.
I floated.I sunk
I dived and I gulped.
I prayed.Perhaps more than I've ever prayed before.
I grew as an individual.
I branched out.I learnt new stuff.
I danced.I felt good in a weird unexplainable way.
I spoke to an old friend and felt full once again.
I found many new buddies.
I walked on stage.I walked in glory.
I won.More than mere competitions.
I clapped and shouted.
I jeered.I cheered.
I stood with my people through difficult times.
I sat in a field just staring at the stars.
I realised.I was proud.
I disintegrated with laughter.
I was in peace.Internally.
I was a peaceful warrior.
I made a presentation.
I worked.I impressed.
I was unsuccessful.I was happy.
I was funny.I was loved.
I was disgusted in people.I told them so.
I was secretive.I was self-absorbed.
I fed a friend with my hands.
I programmed.I coded.I debugged.
I acted.I made a movie.
I made an omlette.I threw it out.
I tried again.And unexpectedly succeeded.
I met people.I was really impressed by 2 of them.
I saw beautiful girls I don't remember faces of anymore.
And then I met .::Her::. again.
I lost in cuteness to a 2 year old. I was bewildered.
The kid lost in cuteness to .::Her::..I was NOT shocked.
I changed things.I let things be.
I slept in a room filled with music.
I had my cake and ate it too.
I stayed up all night.Eleven non-consecutive days.
I went to the beach with my grandmom.
I walked in the corridor a whole night in anxiety.
I saw someone's tears washing away a whole mountain in me.
I saw eyes glazed with admiration.With surprise.
I flirted.I cracked PJ's.I watched movies.I had fun.
I was confused about the future.
I was happy with how it looked.
I ran. I jumped in water puddles.
I was jolly.I was full.

This semester.
I was so much. I understood life. I lived life.

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Kaustubh said...

I commented on your blog.

Ritesh Singh said...

Par Excellance
Brilliance Redefined

This post brought out all the emotions I had through my 4 yrs as an engineering student

I have no words to express myself rite now

Rashmi Bansal said...

Totally agree with Ritesh

total awesomeness
really inspiring

amazing writing

kindly check your email id

I would like to invite you to write a coloumn for JAM (a popular youth magazine)

please respond if you would like to be a part of the community


Kris Sehgal said...

solid likha hai bhai

Padh kar aankhon mein aasun almost aa gaye! ^-^

Shaabash ^+^

Dhupinder said...

nicely done dued

your writing style has always made me feel jealous of you, and this post is just another example. Grrrr

BTW congrats on the Jam magazine writing invite. U accepted? I'll subscribe to the mag if U do :-)

Unknown said...

I can feel all of it! :)

Bewildered happiness.

I felt. :)


Suhanna said...

The student has outdone the master (for the millionth time)

You have learnt well my child :P

May the force be with you

Really inspirational. Well Done!

David Mathai said...

Very nicely composed. I love your flow of ideas.

Anamay The Devil! said...

Hey bro
been trying to contact U afor the last few days but haven't been able to

I just wanted to congratulate U on clearing JEE. Wishing U all the luck in the world for all future aideas.


PS This post is great, juts like most of them! ;)


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