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S4TD -Sorry For The Delay!!

Many will call me an adventurer - and that I am, only one of a different sort: one of those who risks his skin to prove his platitudes. --Che Guevara
I know I haven't been able to update LoN as frequently as I'd have liked to (or as you'd have liked as your mails and comments have mentioned), especially over the last 3-4 months and this has led to quite a few rumours popping up about LoN (and me). So let's clarify em: Firstly, I'm NOT dead, or sick, or sick in the other sense.... okay, now that we're on a roll, let's move on shall we?

Here's What I Have NOT done over the last few months:

1) Gone back to my home planet
2) Decided to quit blogging.
3) Become a CS Pro and started practising for the World Cyber Games (WCG)
4) Relocated to the Himalayas, and broken all ties with the outer world in my aim to become a philosophical master of mankind!!
5) Become a perfectionist to the extent that I don't feel any of my posts are worth posting (Did someone just say Aamir Khan?).
6) Started studying for college!! (Most important!!)

But yeah, I have been amazingly busy (with a capital B) over the last few months. This semester (3rd out of 8) has introduced me to a whole new world that I'd never imagined, even in my wildest dreams. And hell yeah, I've been enjoying every moment of it!!

Instructions I live by!! :)

And while I'll leave more details of what I've been up to through the course of my 3rd semester for my End-sem "Stuff I Did This Semester!!" post, here's just a sneak peak of what I've been up to:

1) Gotten involved in college affairs as the second year representative of CURSOR, the Comp Sciences student body of my college that I'd briefly mentioned here.
2) Attended a workshop on the Python Programming Language organised by FOSSEE
3) Attended a workshop on Network Security organised by NULL
4) Co-founded a youth magazine, Straight From The Moron (SFTM) and was chosen as editor. Here is the latest issue (Issue 4)
5) Written papers and prepared abstracts for 2 national level conferences, the more notable amongst the two being NullCon 09.
6) Designed half a dozen websites, including two for start-up companies!! Plus one crazy whackjob site for my class which'll go live once the exams are done!!
7) Twitter-ed, Facebook-ed,Orkut-ed,LinkedIn-ed ,Networked.
8) Played CS like crazy, but still at a level which makes the G-force guinea pigs look like supermen!!
9) Participated in a street very mixed responses:

The show was great, and the showstealer was Navin Pai, one of the finest acting talents I've seen in a long time --Critic 1

Navin is the kind of actor you go to when a block of wood is unavailable! --Critic 2

10) Joined the College robotics club and the College photography club (and won the inaugral photography competition)!!
11) Participated in a inter branch intra college event, Tandav, and worked on everything, right from organisation to participation to jubilation!! (we came second in the cultural segment and won the sports segment!!)
12) Bunked loads of lectures so that I could do points 1 to 11

My semester exams start at the end of November, and go on till the 20th of again, there'll be a break from posting at LoN!! :(

But kya karein, I've got a lot to study, especially because of point 12 mentioned above!!

So cya guys in the final weeks of the year!!

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Shwetaank said...

Yeah, first comment!

Busy baccha ban gaya hai tu!

nice post dude!

navinpai said...

hehe...pata hai bhai...busy ban-na padta hai...after all, an idle mind is a devils workshop!! :) :)

Thanks fr the comment!!

Mayank said...

Nice way to write a comeback post. Well written!

keep it up.
You really love CS dont you.

Rashmi said...

Return of the king!

lovely post

Anonymous said...

welcome back to blogging

I swear to god, that I woke up today with a gut feeling that you'd updated your blog. And voila!!!!!

nice post as usual.


Yogini said...

Best of luck for your exams

Hope you crack them!

Sandip Dev said...

nice ur style of writing...

Aashni Manian said...

Just stumbled upon your blog (actually a friend had told me about this blog so I decided to check it out)

It's simply AWESOME! I've spent nearly an hour reading through your posts, and I've become a big fan of your writing

If you ever write a book, I swear to God, that I'll be first in line to but it!

Keep writing such great posts
Can't wait for the next one!

Roshan Thyagarajan said...

nice one re baba

Rakesh Mehta said...

You are a depressing individual!

Everytime I meet you or read your blog, you're always speaking about all this great stuff that you're doing, and that depresses me since it's more than a thousand times of what I'm doing! :P

All i seem to be doing nowadays wasting time watching movies!


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