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Klingon Is Evil!

If you don't understand this comic, you have a life!Some languages are best left to the TV Series/Movies! :)

Oh, and incase you're wondering: tlhIngan 'oH mIghtaHghach = Klingon Is Evil!


N0m4D said...

epic sadness..... d story luks familiar..hmmmmm
BTW.. wats dat abstruse goose fellow in blue hat doin der?

navinpai said...

Erm, a search for "Klingon Is Evil" returned nothing ....can you be more specific by what yo mean by "d story luks familiar"??

As for the Abstruse Goose's kinda a tribute...all the characters in right are tributes...see how many you can identify! :)

Kris "e8rNl RoKr" said...


Call me a rock, cos I definataly don't have a lyf!:-)


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