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Collaborative Neural Network Mona Lisa

Just give it a couple of seconds to get set up.
Get a modern browser.

You are now part of a collaborative neural network painting project. What you see is a neural network's approximation of Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece. If you're on this page, the network begins to use your browser resources to further train itself. The network itself is saved as a checkpoint after a predetermined number of training steps. Anyone visiting the page starts off from the network of the last saved checkpoint.

The network has been setup to train itself very slowly, so it should not eat up too many resources, but in case it does, I apologize in advance. :)

This experiment is powered by ConvNetJS


Anonymous said...

Really hogs up the CPU man!!

Anonymous said...

Feels good to contribute :)

Jack from the beanstalk said...

Came over here from twitter a 2 days ago to see a green-brown gradient image, and it's amazing that in just 48 hours it seems to have become a much more developed image. Using a severely underpowered work computer right now but will definitely contribute some resources to help improve this masterpiece.

Keep sharing knowledge

Sanyam Jain said...

I opened this page in a tab without knowing what exactly it contains to read later. My PC started slowing down, I couldn't understand what was happening until I came to this tab 10 minutes later :P


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