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iPhone 3G Vs. Stone!!

So we've all heard the reviews of the iPhone 3G right?? Its among the crappiest phones to ever be made.... yet it sells like hot cakes, simply because of the oomph factor associated with the Apple logo on it. Any self respecting geek would rather move about with a rock than with an iPhone.... or so they claim!! And to prove this, some guy came up with a comparison between the iPhone 3G and a rock!! You heard that right, a ROCK!! And the results are amazingly funny..... see them below

Haha..... Funny but pretty much true!! What say??

P.S I got this as an email a few days ago and it was just so funny that I had to post it :)


Anonymous said...


how very true!

John Doe said...

hey, I've heard that the phone makes calls as well

dunno how far this is true though!

Aditya Kumar said...


Hey does the rock have the apple logo on it? If it dows, I'd like to order a dozen please! ;):0 :)

Shagun said...

brilliantly ROFL



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