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2010 - The Best Year Of My Life (So Far!)

OK, this is my officially my last post for 2010, a year that I shall cherish as the best year of my life (so far)! Tonnes of awesome stuff happened in the 12 months that passed by, both on screen and off of it!

As always, end-sem/end-year is a time of nostalgia for me, and looking back at the year that's gone by, here's a list of some crazy stuff that happened this year in the Life Of Navin!

The People: Sooo many awesome people I've met this year.... I mentioned some of them in this earlier blog post, but they all certainly deserve a second mention! The world is so extremely large, yet so small, at the same time. Both on and off-campus, I met the good, the bad, and the plain weird, and really connected with people on so many different levels. Reconnected with old friends, got back in touch with old crushes, made new enemies... what more could I ask for?

February 2010
: One word: AWESOMENESS (Why? More Why? More More Why?)

My Semester Bucket List: Ended up managing to complete 14 of the 20 things listed! Could've probably done a few more, but I'm happy with what I've got! :)

The Politics: In a single year, I feel like I've taken the leap into politics, perhaps one of the reasons being the fact that I was elected General Secretary of the Computer Science students body CURSOR. I had a weird confrontation with some friends (well, I only knew one of them), who're members of the Students Wing of a certain famous political party, over the post of University Rep of college. I still don't know exactly who our University Rep is (I've heard it's some guy from Civil who is there as a puppet representative), but I seriously hope he/she is fit for the post, because it is a post of major responsibility, and the solutions to quite a few problems in our college can be addressed only by him/her.

Random Bullshit I'm Proud Of: Tonnes of stuff to list here:
  • Scoring a mark (yes, singular) in an internal test
  • Walking around campus at 5 in the morning
  • Staring at a PC monitor blankly for 3 hours with an awesome friend by my side
  • Discussing "proper" Rock music with a girl
  • Speaking to someone on the phone for over 2 hours straight
  • Managing the whims and fancies (some of them legitimate) of an entire class to pull of an awesome inauguration ceremony for CURSOR
  • Downloading the entire discography of multiple bands, just because I like 1-2 songs by them
  • Being woken up by a kick on my butt.... and a hard one at that!
  • Being woken up by her phone call
  • Waking her up with an early morning phone call
  • Quitting Facebook
  • Travelling all alone to Pune for a conference
  • Being a part of Technix 4.0, PhotoFlare, Twestival Goa, Tandav etc.
  • Getting CLUSTR off the ground (More on this next year!)
  • Getting my Drivers License
  • Getting thrown out of the college library
  • Being called a Casanova (yeah, me! :P)
  • The crazy Kachori eating session me and some friends had on campus
  • Sleeping in one of my department labs for an hour or so just before Technix
  • Managing to remain smoke-free and drink-free (It's a challenge in college, really is!)
  • The Random behind-the-scenes help provided by friends and teachers, which unfortunately very few people know about and appreciate
  • Some other stuff that remains with me for the time being! ;)
All the stuff that happened in 2010 has affected me, for good or for bad, and has helped me become the person I am today. 2010 has delivered all that could be expected from it. 2011, you have have your work cut out for you! Hope you manage to deliver! :)

P.S. I leave on a family tour on the 24th, and return on the 2nd! So here's wishing everyone a Super Awesome Christmas and a Mindblastingly Kickass New Year! :)


Always Happy said...

Navin, Me come across ur blog just read ur kidding around post and laugh laugh...completelt phunny phunny...but me likey likey..

Good luck for the new year. Well done on refraining from alcohol and cigarattes this decade. Keep it up.
Merry Xmas, Happy new year.

Always Happy

The Great Destroyer said...

@ Always Happy: i know who you are! :D :D

@ Navin: sweet post, perfect way to end the year :) wishing you an awesom-er 2011!

Always Happy said...

@ Great Destroyer : ??? really?

N0m4D said...

Yea.. v al kno who Always happy is... :P :P

but i kno who The Great Destroyer is :P :P

navinpai said...

Am I the only one who doesn't know either? Trust me, I suck at guessing! :P

Anyway, Happy New Year guys! :) :)

Always Happy said...

hehe....arent v loving this????Navin, sorry we are discussing about 'always happy' instead of your post. Anyways, Happy new year to all.

Anant Lawande said...

navin, m happy for you for all gr8 things happenings in your life : :)


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