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Venn I Suck, I Suck!

The reason why I hate John Venn is the intersection of childhood irritation his diagrams caused and Venn diagrams on Tumblr Always be yourself... unless you suck -Joss Whedon


N0m4D said...

Dude... dint i tell u dat ders already a comic series called checkmate comics? :/

Ashwin Prabhu said...

LOL N0m4D,

he shud make it: Checkmate Comics- Neither funny, nor smart (nor original)

:) :)

Navin, love your stuff!Keep it up!

navinpai said...

@Nikks Dude, that's a superhero comic book series... atleast according to Wiki:

Don't get me started on the difference between a comic and a comic book! :|

@Ashwin Thanks mate! :)


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