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Kiddin' Around!

Honestly, this post is complete nonsense!

U me katti no no,
Me no katti u
This all makes no sense to me,
Does this make sense to u?
Me was sleepy bye bye,
So me no msgs see
N when me wake up fresh fresh,
Saw 12 msgs fr me!
Now me to Tanika say say,
Me lyk u very much
Now random fact me say say,
Vodafone was once called Hutch
Now me be saying shit shit,
Infact shit from a bull
Or bullshit as me call it,
Me has gone mad full
If me keep say say bullshit,
Me'll be banned, that's a fact
So me just say say Good Night
to Limbu from my Max

Poem Backstory:
I'm pretty sure none of the above made sense, so a backstory is definitely necessary!

Basically, I have this extremely crazy, super-awesome, junior friend named Tanika...
Always smiling, eternally blissful, and completely mad (she's easily one of the whackiest friends I have!). She's my 'Baby Pishe', and whenever we talk, it actually is like two kids talking to each other!

Our semester exams are going on (yes, I'm updating my blog during my sem exams! :) ), and we both have exams on alternate days, but I have papers on days she doesn't (and vice versa).

Right after my first paper, once I got back home, I did what us half-baked engineers do best during exams, sleep! And when I woke up, there were over a dozen messages from Tanika, reminding me to wish her Best of Luck for her exams the next day!

Why would someone remind me that? Well, simply because I have memory of a goldfish... I actually had a friend who called me up at 11:55 one night, just to remind me that it was her birthday the next day (in 5 mins) and I'd promised that I'd call her up at midnight! :)

Anyway, the last message from Tanika was:

me no lyk u.. u no nyc.. u no wish me afta yaad karofying olso..
me u angyy.. me no tok u.. me u, katti fu!! :( :( :(

If you grew up in India and still don't know what 'Katti Fu' is, you may as well go hang yourself!

Anyway, my reply to her message is what you read above!

I know, even with this huge backstory, it's still nonsense, but I totally felt like a kid while typing that out! And that's exactly the kind of craziness I needed to get me back to studying my prehistoric portion!

Ah, One more thing. Me and Tanika are connected by our weird phones.... I have a Micromax, and she has a Lemon (Limbu!) cellphone ... hence the last line! :)

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Rahul Frias said...

LOLL That was weirdly funny :-)

Divya G said...

That was the best nonsense I've read in a long time.,..

brought a wide smile on my face..

Suhanna Upadhyay said...

This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to plait my hair and go 'tee hee hee'

Lovely stuff

navinpai said...

Thanks Rahul, Divya! :)

Suhanna, that's arguably the best comment ever on this blog! :) :)


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