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24 Karat Facial??

OK I promise...The last one for all you rich rich A-holes!!

So you think you're aging?Those wrinkles keep coming back even with all that Botox?Well How about this for a facial to iron out all that scaly skin .Here you see a female guest covered with pure gold foil ( Ya thats 24 Karat Gold) as she receives a gold facial treatment by Japan's beauty company Umo for anti aging treatment at the Beautyworld Japan exhibition in Tokyo on May 19.

unfortunately "princess " here was not available for a before and after photo shoot......Seriously I couldn't affors the amount of $$$ she damanded for a before and after shoot.

Anyways now you know how to spend all that money that you din't know how to spend:) ..... Or wait,you could just give it to me ;)


Anonymous said...

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