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About The Idiot!!

The moron behind LifeOfNavin (LoN) is Navin "M@dmAx" Pai. He graduated  in 2012 from the Goa Engineering College, Ponda, Goa (Go Engicos! :D) where he studied bunked attended whatever classes in Computer Sciences and Engineering (CSE). He has been coding since the early 2000's and webdesigning since the mid-2000's. He is on the most-wanted lists in 27 out the 28 states of India (the exception being his homestate, Goa). He suffers from chronic internet addiction and has been known to use phrases like "I would love to change the world, but they won't give me the source code". He takes pride in his "There's no place like" tee, as well as his "When in doubt, Try another hole" tee.The nickname Madmax emerged through various years on various internet forums and IRC networks, and has undergone more changes in Counterstrike games. Infact, the nick has had a long journey of its own, but lets just leave that for another "About" page.

He has coded in C, C++, PHP, Perl, Python, Prolog, Pascal, HTML, XML, CSS, Assembly as well as in esoteric languages like BrainFuck and LOLCat.

He has a thing for hardware as well, and has tweaked with every tweakable component of his computer. Results of his tweaking have had results ranging from resounding successes to "shit, shit, shit..... something's burning!!" failures!!

He is a supporter of FOSS and Linux, and has participated in small open source projects as well.

Network security, Quantum computing, Military Technology, Robotech, Web trends, and Neo-philosophy fuel his brain 24/7.

He is a self proclaimed Musicaholic, Filmomaniac, Bookworm and Photoaddict.

He is a huge fan of Manchester United, and as such strongly opposes teams like Arse-anal and Loserpool. He supports every sport other than cricket, which he feels is slowly nailing the coffins of all other sports in India.

In his free time, he enjoys writing about himself from a third person perspective.

To contact him, use the Contact Page of the blog!

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Finally after all these years, here's to the beginning of what was there, what is there and hopefully what will remain!! So here are my thoughts & words -Online!!

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