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EU Pushing For IPv6

The European Union (EU) has today asked for its members to speed up the EU's move to become fully IPv6 ready. The plan has set a target 25% of net users in the EU to be using the new system by 2010.

The EU has warned that internet-based innovation could be derailed as the current pool of addresses is being consumed at a record rate.Europe could face a crisis of sorts when the older system ran out of addresses.

Currently Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) is the widely used to ensure that data from the sender, say a website, displays only on the intended receiver's computer monitor and not on someone else's. Just think what life would be like without it. You'd search for 'Graphene' and you'd most probably end up looking at a page about 'Dragontug'

However there's one problem.The IPv4 scheme makes available about 4.3 billion addresses - a total predicted to run out by 2011!! Seriously speaking, the people who designed IPv4 didn't, even in their wildest imagination, think that the number of net users would reach the level it is at today!! But when they did, they bagan work on a new protocol, the IPv6, which supports virtually unlimited addresses.

Geant, the high-speed data network linking many European research centres, is already 100% IPv6 compatible and plans are on hold to have the top 100 websites in Europe to be reachable by IPv6 by the 2010 deadline. As for India, well lets just say, IPv6 is a early morning dream for most net coders.I hope atleast 5% of Indian net users will be on IPv6 ready by 2012.


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