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Google Earth Shows 2100 A.D.

We've seen pictures and videos of the effects of climate change. C'mon accept it. We've even wanted to do something about it. But then.....Well, we all kind of forgot!! Climate change is redrawing world boundaries, and its impact is already being felt everywhere; as sea levels rise, crops fail, weather becomes more and more extreme, and more areas get prone to drought and flooding, more and more efforts are undertaken to show the people of this planet that they're going to have to roll up their sleeves and start working to improve the conditions that our planet is in.

And Google has come up with a path-breaking (well..... almost) idea to show the people the destruction unleashed upon the earth through their popular programme, Google Earth. Instead of focussing on short-term destruction they're simply showing you the effects of climate change in the longer run......100 years to be precise.

So now you can see the earth that your grandchildren will be born into....if you keep polluting the Earth.If you want to see how your country looks like in 2100, try Google's new navigation tool on Google Earth.

Through a new project called "Climate Change in Our World", Google Earth users around the world will now be able to see how climatic change can affect the planet and its people over the next century.

The project, a collaboration between Google, the Government of UK, the Met Office Hadley Center, and the British Antarctic Survey, is explained in two new layers or animations on Google Earth.

One draws on the UK Met Office Hadley Center to show world temperatures through the next hundred years, under medium projections of greenhouse gas emissions, along with stories of how people are already affected by changing weather patterns. Information can also be accessed on action that can be taken by individuals, communities, businesses, and governments to tackle climate change.

The other layer, developed by the British Antarctic Survey, shows the retreat of Antarctic ice shelves since the 1950s, highlighting the importance of Antarctica in affecting climate change.

I for one was amazed by the BAS map which makes even an environment dum-dum like me want to get out there and stop global warming.

Check it out as soon as possible



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