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Nikola Tesla--The Man ,The Machine Part 3

In this 3rd part I'd really like for you to know some absolutely unbelievable things that this genius is credited for.....

Warning:You may need to rethink everything you've learnt in school after reading this

Now some Unbelievable Stuff…..(But all True!!)
The U.S. Supreme Court in 1943, held Marconi's most important patents invalid, recognizing Nikola Tesla's work more significant. Nikola Tesla is the true father of radio , not Marconi.... I discovered a web site which is devoted to Marconi, and it says that Marconi is "the father of radio!" (New Window) I would ask you please, email the author of that web site and make him/her understand the U.S. Supreme Courts decision in 1943. Nikola Tesla deserves credit for HIS inventions.
Go check your encyclopedia for answers to the following questions: (answers are most definitely those given in parentheses)
1) Who invented the radio? (Gugleimo Marconi)
2) Who discovered X-rays? (Wilhelm Roentgen)
3) Who invented the vacuum tube amplifier? (Forest)
In fact, while you're at it, check to see who discovered the fluorescent bulb, neon lights, speedometer, the automobile ignition system, and the basics behind radar, electron microscope, and the microwave oven
Chances are that you will see little mention of this great guy named Nikola Tesla, the most famous scientist in the world at the turn of the century.
In fact, few people today have ever heard of the guy. Good old Thomas Edison made sure of that.
After all, Tesla was considered an eccentric who talked of death rays that could destroy 10,000 airplanes at a distance of 250 miles, claimed to be able split the Earth in two, believed that both voice and image could be transmitted through the air (in the late 1800's), and essentially told Edison to take his DC electrical system and stick up his you know what.
In other words, anyone that has even heard of Tesla probably considers him to be a first class wacko.
But, the times are changing. The problem is that Tesla probably could do all these things that he claimed were possible. In fact, Tesla invented every single one of the items listed above (but gets no credit) and much more. Look around you and chances are Tesla is somehow responsible for most of the things that define the modern era.
Even the first remote controlled model boat , remote controlled planes, cars, and boats (and televisions!), also all are attributed to one man…..Guess who??.
The world thought he was nuts - after all, transmission of voice, picture, and electricity was unheard of at this time.
What they didn't know was that Tesla had already demonstrated the principles behind radio nearly ten years before Marconi's supposed invention. In fact, in 1943 (the year Tesla died), the Supreme Court ruled that Marconi's patents were invalid due to Tesla's previous descriptions. Still, most references do not credit Tesla with the invention of radio. (Sidenote: Marconi's radio did not transmit voices - it transmitted a signal - something Tesla had years before.)
At this point, the press started to exaggerate Tesla's claims. Tesla reported that he had received radio signals from Mars and Venus. Today we know that he was actually receiving the signals from distant stars, but too little was known about the universe at that time. Instead, the press had a field day with his "outrageous" claims.
At the beginning of World War I, the government desperately searched for a way to detect German submarines. The government put Thomas Edison in charge of the search for a good method. Tesla proposed the use of energy waves - what we know today as radar - to detect these ships. Edison rejected Tesla's idea as ludicrous and the world had to wait another 25 years until it was invented.

His reward for a lifetime of creativity? The prized (to everyone but Tesla) Edison Medal! A real slap in the face after all the verbal abuse Tesla took from Edison.
In his lifetime, Tesla received over 800 different patents. He probably would have exceeded Edison's record number if he wasn't always broke - he could afford very few patent applications during the last thirty years of his life. Unlike Edison, Tesla was an original thinker whose ideas typically had no precedent in science.

Scientists today continue to scour through his notes. Many of his far flung theories are just now being proven by our top scientists. For example, the Tesla bladeless disk turbine engine that he designed, when coupled with modern materials, is proving to be among the most efficient motors ever designed. His 1901 patented experiments with cryogenic liquids and electricity provide the foundation for modern superconductors. He talked about experiments that suggested particles with fractional charges of an electron - something that scientists in 1977 finally discovered - quarks!

Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.-- Nikola Tesla

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