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Gold Macbook Air

Recently , the world witnessed the launch of the Macbook Air which is the slimmest laptop ever made.That's cool.....But how do you make it even cooler??Get it encrusted in GOLD of course!! After recently launching a crystal encrusted Mackbook air Computer Choppers has launched what everyone's been waiting for!!Here comes a possession to feed all you filthy rich geeks. Coated with 24 karat gold, this MacBook Air comes loaded up with a bejeweled rainbow Apple. The team at Computer Choppers is all set to tempt their elite and I mean ELITE clientele by offering gleaming gold and colored sapphire encrusted Macbooks. At first look, it may look pretty OK-OK but within seconds you will fall for it. Even after the coating of 24-karat gold, it weighs almost the same except for a change in a few ounces (obviously its a bit heavier but I guess your private jet can handle the few extra ounces).Priced at $5000, it features the standard Macbook Air features.A 1.6ghz processor 2 GB RAM 80GB Hard drive with a refined peripheral, and flat/crystallite inside. It demands an additional $3000 for the rainbow, which is 14-karat gold with 3.8ctw sapphires.



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