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"Streets Of Mumbai" - Desi Racing!!

Okay! This is news for all you people who've ever said that India's game development scenario is never going to take off...Well frankly, I've said that perhaps a million times over the last few years!!But now, Trine studios has had enough....They're all set to launch India's first 3 dimensional game that has versions applicable in personal computers as well as the PS2 and will feature online multi-player game play as well. Most Interestingly, it has been developed entirely in India.

The game, "Streets of Mumbai" based on the actual topography of the 'city that never sleeps' has managed to rake in quite a bit of attention.The game promises to get you racing on the streets of Mumbai in cars that are true blue Indian. Trine Studios claims they've designed environments drawing upon actual references.So you can surely expect to be zooming across the Air India building or Marine Drive. Or driving straight into the Gateway of India. That'll be fun!!

The game, was slated for release on May 20 but has been now pushed to July 15 because of "production delays"....Whatever that's supposed to mean.Trine had demo’ed the game at the NASSCOM Animation and Gaming India conference in Mumbai last year. Trine currently has three other games under its belt, Trash, Wings of Control and Legends of Great India.

The game is set to a budget of almost Rs 4 crore but will be extremely well priced at under Rs 500 (when was the last time you got an 'original' game CD for under Rs.500??) and will allow gamers to download tracks and new cars from the Web site for a predetermined sum of $$$.

Other features include:
-Over seven twin-directional tracks offering a total of 14 playable tracks panning across various parts of Mumbai
-Over 10 customizable Indian cars with a variety of customizable options such as Paint, Spoilers, Rims, Hoods, Lights, Side Skirts, Bumpers, and more.
-Night rain theme to bring in the real feel of Mumbai
-customizable music player (GTA ishtyle) allowing players to listen to their own songs while playing.

The makers of the game believe that the game is just as good as the games developed anywhere else.Ya right.Play GT and then compare it to SoM.But the only thing I didn't understand is why they're designing a game for the PS2 when next-gen consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360 are already pretty well settled....Or what about SoM on the Wii??Lets just hope the game lives up to its name.

A lot of funny elements are there in the game like random constructions going on, dug up Mumbai roads, autorikshawallas driving like maniac and dogs chasing your car--Sangam Gupta, CEO of Trine Studios


Anonymous said...

this game is sure to put India onto the global gaming scenario

Jai Hind!

ashwin said...

its 2012,where is the game....and yes India's game development scenario is never going to take off..

navinpai said...

Sadly, at this point, I agree! :|


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