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Get ready for DragonTug!!

I'm pretty sure that you've heard of Dragonboat racing and am definite that you've indulged in a mano-a-mano tug-of-war battle at some stage of your life , but here's the latest sensation that combines the fun of boat......You guessed it , DRAGONBOAT + TUG OF WAR=DRAGONTUG

Come 10th May ,Singapore will play host to the second Ultimate Dragontug Showdown .and it sure seems like it'll be a much bigger spectacle than it was last year.

Rules of this sport are simple.The ultimate tug of war begins when both boats are within approximately 3-4 meters of the Victory Flag. The winner tugs ahead and claims the Victory Flag.
Its sort of a weird idea but when you think of it ,its a great way to popularise the sport of Dragon boat racing.

Check out the official website for more details on this whacked out event.They even have a nice flash banner showing how the sport is played.If you are in Singapore then you'd dare not miss it.



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