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Are you an Online Jacka$$??

Everyone has a little online jackass in them; some of us add people on Orkut who we have no clue about, some of us beg for votes on Digg, some make white whines on Twitter. But these behaviors can lead to more annoying habits, like constantly bugging people to blog you, getting hooked on Yelp, or writing drug metaphors. Thank god online jackassery can be summed up in a condescending online quiz. Take it below!

For each time you did the following in the last thirty days:

1 point

* Asked for a digg
* Added someone on Orkut/Facebook the day you met them
* Visited MySpace
* IMed someone asking who they are
* Messaged someone on a site like Facebook when you could have called or e-mailed
* Used a "Sent from my Blackberry/iPhone/etc." e-mail signature
* Discussed an Apple rumor
* Made a joke about fonts

2 points

* Commented on a blog just to say you liked or hated something
* Posted a Craigslist missed connection
* Used MySpace
* Submitted your own blog post to Digg
* Asked someone to blog you
* Added to a Wikipedia talk page
* Bought a Threadless T-shirt

3 points

* Told a personal story in a Yelp review
* Used Tumblr
* Gave a bad review on Amazon to a book written over thirty years ago
* Added a celebrity on Facebook
* Made a YouTube response video
* Twittered about your blog
* Got fake-married on Facebook
* Friended someone on MySpace, LinkedIn, Friendster, or Yahoo 360
* Asked anyone to tag anything

4 points

* Invited someone to add their photo to a Flickr group
* Invited someone to a Facebook app
* Vlogged
* Made a Facebook event that wasn't really an event
* Blogged about dealing with someone in the service industry
* E-mailed a press release
* Wrote "why do I care" in a blog comment

Death Round: 20 points

* Sent an unneeded "reply to all"
* Sold someone's contact info
* Played Second Life
* Rickrolled someone
* Reviewed your own book on Amazon
* Complained that someone reblogged a third party's content without crediting you for finding it first
* Said the word "microcelebrity"
* Invited your whole address book to something
* Talked like a LOLcat in real life

Results (Drumroll please........)
0-10: Get the hell off my blog. But first digg my story.
11-15: You must feel great about yourself. Add twenty points for taking the quiz.
16-25: Very mediocre. Why are you reading this on your Playstation? Go play GTA IV.
26-40: All your Tumblr posts are stolen from other people's blogs. Your Twitters are about Twitter. But somehow all the YouTube clips you IM me are two years old.
41+: All my base are belong to you. Oh god, you probably laughed at that. You can haz the finger, jackass.

So how did U fare....In case you wanted to know , I got a score of 56!!!

Source: Gawker



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