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Implications Of Memristors

First theorized in the 1970's as the fourth basic circuit element, a practical memristor implementation has finally been discovered at HP Labs.Memristor theory was formulated and named by Leon Chua in 1971. He noticed a missing link between charge and flux ,prompting Chua to come up with a crude model of the memristor. Chua believed that a fourth device might exist to provide conceptual symmetry with the resistor, inductor, and capacitor. Its key property: it becomes more or less resistive depending on the amount of charge that had flowed through it.He also acknowledged that other scientists had already used fixed nonlinear flux-charge relationships. So thats all great and this discovery will perhaps give the guys at HP a well deserved Nobel prize and a pat on the back.

But what exactly does this mean for you and me??Obviously other than more stuff for engineering students to study about!!

If practical manufacturing can be scaled up, memristor technology could become the new standard for computer memory -- memory that combines the speed of DRAM, the persistence of Flash memory, and the bit density of hard drives. In addition, memristors can work as analog as well as digital devices, and hold promise as the basis for building neural networks.In short that means all your devices from your PC's to your Ipods to your cellphones will have more reliable memory.Researchers believe that the memristor, or memory resistor, might become a useful tool for keeping the computer industry on pace to satisfy Moore's law, the exponential growth in processing power every 18 months.Memristors could very well replace transistors on PC motherboards( with devices called crossbar latches) and memory with nearly 7 times more bit density....That means smaller area occupied per unit memory unit.

However HP have themselves admitted that the speed of memristors is currently 1/10th of existing DRAM .

Its been recently claimed that Samsung has also developed Memristors.

Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that memristors are incorporated into devices in the near future.

Definitely updates will be provided as new developments happen in this field.



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