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Dell Goes Eco-Friendly!!

Dell inc. has launched the company's smallest ever computer, which promises to be the "MOST ECO-FRIENDLY COMPUTER EVER".And guess what its a good looker as well.And what does Dell do to show that this PC is eco-friendly??They give it a bamboo casing.....Of course , how thoughtful!!

Michael Dell at Fortune's Brainstorm:Green conference , unveiled this funky bamboo-encased eco-PC concept. As mentioned this is said to be Dell's smallest-ever computer, the machine is 81 percent smaller than a standard desktop and uses 70 percent less power. The bamboo casing even makes it lighter than other PC's.The recyclability of bamboo is well known. However its utility in the consumer electronics segment is commendable.The config has not been given out yet, but Dell says the machine is due to be released later this year, and should cost around $600.So its super eco-friendly but definitely not super cheap.

Dell saysthis is just one step toward the company offering “greener” computers by adding more energy-efficient circuits, fans and power management features, and by investing in energy-efficient hardware like chips, power supply and memory.

Dell Inc. has also vowed that its desktops and laptops will be using 25% less energy by 2010.

Recently , Hardware companies like Dell, HP, Samsung, and even Apple along with cellphone majors like Nokia and Motorola are working to make greener computers and gadgets because consumers are starting to show a willingness to pay a premium for more eco-friendly products.

Pic from: Earth2tech



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