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Report Says "No" To Vacations !!

This is perhaps a report that will cause a furore among the student community. OK so get ready for this..... A report has said that long school holidays should be abolished to prevent children falling behind in class!!

So now you're looking for the d-ckhead that said this??Well It gives me great displeasure to introduce you to The Institute for Public Policy Research , which in its report has said that studies suggested pupils' reading and maths abilities regressed because the summer break was too long.

In place of a single vacation , the institute has suggested that the school year could have five eight-week terms, with a month off in the summer and two weeks between the rest of the terms.

The report said the change could benefit pupils, parents and teachers.

Report author Sonia Sodha said: "There have been many positive gains in education over the last decade, but in recent years results have plateaued.

"If we are serious about continuing to improve outcomes for all children, we need long-term reform that better gears our school system around the needs of children and young people."

She said there were two strong arguments for making a change.

"The first is that children regress with respect to their academic skills. Their reading and maths skills tend to decline when they're away from school and this is particularly true for children from poorer backgrounds.And that actually brings us on to the second reason. Not all children have the same access to out of school activities during the summer holidays and kids from more advantaged backgrounds are the ones who are most likely to get to go to these activities."

She added that towards the end of the current 16-week autumn term both children and teachers "get worn out".

"We're saying that there should be the same amount of holiday, it should just be more evenly spaced throughout the year," Ms Sodha said. Oh!! If you're reading this perhaps you're dismantling your sniper!!

Naah!! I'm happy with the current vacation scheme. I've had it for fourteen years and I know my '2+2=5" .......... Bad at math huh?? Go on IPPR, stop messing up our lives!! We're messed up enough already!!

Improving results can't just be about focussing on maths, English and science --Sonia Sodha



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