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Liberty City on Google Maps!!

Unless you've been under a rock for the past few months ,I'm sure tht you've heard of GTA IV ......If you've not, then you're better off in a well 9or in your coat closet!!).

This game has already created records for the best selling game with an estimated 6 million copies to be sold over the next few months.....Obviously this game has a cult following and you'd dare not walk into a public location and say anything negative about GTA or you're bound to be in trouble.(Try it!! I challenge you)

Just epitomizing the fact that GTA is by far the most followed game IN THE WORLD is the fact that its creeped even into Google Maps

Users have taken the concept of a game walk through to the next level by adding GTA 4's Liberty City map on a Google Maps application. Now, there is no need for cheat codes and guided text walk throughs; everything is labeled and ready for your pleasure, albeit forbidden.

Easter eggs, hidden items, stunt jumps, pigeon locations, and women of 'questionable character' can all be easily located with the comprehensively labeled map here. The game provides highly detailed maps, and in-game GPS-type map displays.

Besides, users can keep adding more details as and when they come across something new and exciting in the game.

More about the application -- it can be used like any other Google map; zoom in and out, pan left or right or up or down, add markers or read marker details, search for particular markers, and so on. This interactive detailed map does away with the need to look at fold-out maps that are provided with the GTA 4 package. Surely a reason to celebrate for fans of GTA.

Well ,Since You Put it that way....I'm in --Niko Bellic,GTA 4's Protagonist


Via said...

Yes it is a beautiful thing. Am waiting myself for the PC version. At that point how great would it be to click on the map and be able to teleport directly into the game, a la the Second Life "Slurl" map. And it would be great to integrate the SL map with a google map in the same way -- see the second comment here:


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