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iPods Going Solar??

Apple has started churning up the rumour mills again.In an almost planned move, employees at Apple filed a patent for integrating solar cells into portable devices by placing them underneath the layers of a touch-sensitive display, according to the filing.

The patent "Solar cells on portable devices" has strongly suggested that Apple is planning to make its products more environment-friendly. If implemented, it may soon be time to say goodbye to the faithful charger which has been blamed for wasting a considerable amount of global electric energy.

However the patent application has also pointed out that after allowing space for buttons, screens and a way to hold the device, only a small area is left on most devices for solar cells.

One of the ways around that suggested in the patent is to stack a touch-sensitive layer, a display and solar panel on top of one another. That could make Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch excellent candidates for such a power supply, as the display occupies almost the entire face of those devices.

Recently, Ugandan Minister for Communications and Information and Communication Technologies Ham-Mukasa Mulira talked about trials of solar-powered charging conducted there, which had showed promise.

After the Macbook Air, it certainly seems like Apple has decided to slide into the eco-friendly product retailers group. Recently Dell had launched what they claim is be the "World's Most Eco-friendly laptop". It certainly seems that Eco-friendly is the buzz word nowadays as far as computer companies are concerned. After all, if its good for the earth, its good for you right??



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