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Lightning Alarm CLock

Getting up in the morning is always a touchy subject. Come on clock, just an hour longer. This Lightning Alarm Clock wakes you up to the sound of crackling of electrical charges, with lightning bolting across a hand blown glass tube.You wake up not to a trrrrrinnnnggggg ,but to the buzz of electric dischage!!

When the alarm sounds, the tube fills with electrical charges, producing a cool enough show to get you out of bed. The analog clock is powered with an AC adapter.

Okay, the clock doesn't actually shock you in the traditional sense. It just makes crackling and buzzing electrical noises to wake you up. It also has a little lightning show in the glass tube when the alarm goes off.Who the hell wants to wake up to the sound of electrical discharge? It might as well be gunfire and explosions. Stupid as it is, I'll still take it over my current alarm any day. Which is a cat licking my face with the same tongue he just used to give the other cat's a-hole a good spot cleaning.Thomas Edison fully supports this product.This clock can be yours for $60.



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