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Major Hack in Chile

A hacker who identified himself as "Anonymous Coward" stole personal data of 6 million Chileans on a Chilean website.

The information was obtained by hacking into government and military servers, and was posted on a technology blog.

It included ID card numbers, addresses, telephone numbers and academic records.

The hacker left a message saying the aim was to demonstrate the poor level of data protection in Chile.

It was posted on the forum of a Chilean blog dedicated to technology issues, but was quickly removed by site's administrators, who contacted the police.

The historic rivalry between Peru and Chile spills into cyberspace as hackers from both nations attacked official sites of each other.Recently a Hacker Puts Peru's Flag on Chilean President's Web Page and another hacker (from Chile this time) returned the favour by putting up a Chilean flag on the Peruvian president's website.Sometime ago , a suspected Chilean hacker posted several anti-Peru messages on the country's judiciary website.

Here's what I don't understand....Even with so much"hacking" happening , why don't governments work to either:

a)Eliminate the use of internet to store personal documents(esp. when it concerns 6 million people)


b)Strengthen the web defences at least when the webpage is prone to sensitive websites like the national defence website.

C'mon don't let novices hack into your sites.......

Hope someone atleast pays heed to this!!!


Dominique said...

I am from chile and I would like to clarify that this number was largely exaggerated by the intenational media

recent reports have shown that the actual number was far less, and approximately 20000 or even lesser.

while I do agree that it is sad this happened, sensationalizing news like this is simply wrong


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