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Remix For A.R.Rahman!!

Mobile phone major Nokia has joined hands with ace Indian music composer/singer A.R. Rahman to give young Indians a chance to remix two tracks from the maestro's forthcoming film "Ada... A way of life".

This is the first time the composer is allowing listeners to remix his creations.

As a part of this initiative, Nokia and BIG Music will run a month-long contest where participants can remix the two "Ada" soundtracks - "Gulfisha" and "Gum Sum" on Nokia's newly launched Nokia XpressMusic mixer application.

This is an online music mixer available on that has pre-loaded "Ada" tunes.

Users can remix the soundtracks by clicking on their favourite music genre such as Jazz, Folk, Punjabi, Hip-Hop and Rock amongst others. Also ,Participants also have the option to download the Ada tracks from the website and remix with their own pro music equipment.

The winner, to be chosen by Rahman, will get an opportunity to spend a day with the music legend and compose the remix soundtrack with him at his studio.

This remix would be released through a music video that would profile the winner and Rahman... along with the top 10 finalists.

India is full of talented young people and this contest is my way of unleashing their creativity.-A.R.Rehman



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