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8800 Arte, Exclusivity redefined!!

Another fine example that jewelry and tech can mix, albeit at a price. Norwegian jeweler Thomas Heyerdahl has teamed up with Nokia to produce a limited-edition Nokia 8800 Arte, a mobile embedded with- hold your breath- 112 diamonds!!

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but when they inspire designers to use them creatively in mobile phones, then gender knows no bounds. Only 100 of these beauties will be produced. Other than diamonds, the Nokia 8800 Diamond offers 3G support, a Stunning 2.0" QVGA 240x320 pixels screen, OLED display with up to 16 million colors, Anti-fingerprint coating on metal and glass, MicroUSB all-in-one-connector, a 3.2-megapixel autofocus camera with 8x digital zoom, and 1 GB built-in memory space. Each unit will have a number on the back to improve its "exclusivity value" (just imagine owning a 8800 with the number 001). At $6000, and only 100 pieces being made, Nokia has definitely understood the meaning of the world "EXCLUSIVE".

I guess if you own a 24-K Gold facial, or a Gold Macbook air, or are planning to buy a black hole table, then you'll definitely want to own this beauty.

Just see these pictures of the 8800:

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