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(GTA 4+PS3), Now In India!!

The good days are here again, well, atleast for GTA fans in India.The PlayStation 3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV is now available bundled along with the PS3, at select outlets across the country.

The newly launched PS3 bundle includes a copy of GTA IV, the 40 GB PS3 gaming console. For the giveaway price of Rs. 26,990, this bundle could be yours for the taking. Currently the bundle is available at Sony World, Sony Exclusive, Reliance Digital, Music World, Croma, Landmark and Planet M.

GTA IV, from Rockstar Games, as we all know, is the latest installment of the GTA series which has, perhaps the greatest fan following any modern game has seen. Featuring a new-look Liberty City (which has also been featured on Google Maps by some hardcore GTA fans) and also has the distinction of being the first to feature 15 different game types in online multi-player mode. The game is expected to cross initial sales expectations of 6 million copies being sold.

In May, GTA IV was launched on the Xbox 360 platform in India. However ther have been complaints about freezing problems during the loading of the game,that results in the Red Ring of Death. oh and by the way, my B'day was less than a week ago. Wouldn't mind getting a belated B'day gift (snicker snicker).



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