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Yahoo Reziner - An Absolute Blast!!

In one of the best online gags that I have come across in the last few months, especially at this time, with Yahoo!'s top execs quitting, someone seems to be having some fun at Yahoo!'s expense.

Planning on quitting Yahoo!?? Simply visit the newly created site and fill up the "DIY Yahoo! Resignation Letter" which provides you options in the form of drop down menus and you're done. Yahoo! employees can expedite their resignation to Yahoo! Chief and Co-founder Jerry Yang with a host of "Mad Libs"-style pull-down menus.

For example, one sentence reads: "My last day here will be two weeks from today/ tomorrow/ the best day of my life you f@$#ing incompetent nincompoops" . All you have to do is select the most appropriate choices for your resignation letter. Then upon clicking submit, your default email editor opens up with the subject " Get bent a$$hat" and the to email id ""

Some points in the letter are obvious hyperbole. In one of the menu options, the letter suggests that Yahoo doesn't understand how to run a taco truck, much less a $30 billion business. The rants may reach Yang himself, but that's unclear, too. The form letter is addressed to JerryYang which frankly I cannot confirm is Mr. Yang's id!!

Anyways, disgruntled employee or a competitor having a laugh at Yahoo!'s cost, this tool is a must try....Give it a go!!


Anonymous said...

This is as you said one of the best internet gags in recent times. Where on earth do you get this stuff man?

Unknown said...

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