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Infosys Says-" Mobile Holograms by 2010"

Desi Tech Giants Infosys has done it again!! Now they have been granted the patent to produce holographic mobile handsets capable of projecting, capturing, and sending 3D images.

In a press release, they have claimed that by 2010, the patented devices will be capable of beaming 3D films, games, and virtual goods into our laps.

These cellphones will capture and send 3D snapshots of the surrounding world, helping accident investigators, teachers, and doctors work remotely by instantly relaying realistic depictions of car damage, injuries, medical scans, or educational aids.

The device will work on a revolutionary technique with a powerful on-board processor building a series of 2D shots,from a secondary device like from a digital camera, and then convert these into 3D holograms using algorithms called Fourier transforms to artificially generate the extra third dimension. I'll write about Fourier Transforms ( if possible) in the coming week!!

The patent, which was granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, allows Infy to squeeze complex 3D holographic images through the narrow pipes of existing communications networks by sending only the unprocessed data to be translated into the 3D hologram at the other end.

The global 3D screen market is forecast by the industry to grow to 8.1 million units by 2010.

Well I only hope that Infy is calculating time as per IST (Indian Standard Time) and not IST (Indian Stretchable Time)!!

Holographic handsets have the capability of enriching the user experience with an actual 3D experience and higher-quality images. This gives users a more realistic experience in areas like gaming, medicine, movies etc --Infosys representative


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